Who doesn’t like to be a pioneer in a field? So become it in banking! Buying bitcoins is an investment that has many advantages. In addition, with the coronavirus crisis, the visionaries are more than green! Find out why to buy bitcoin. We give you five reasons to believe that Bitcoin is the currency of the future!

With Bitcoin, the money really belongs to you!

Are you completely reassured about storing your money in the bank? While the question might have been far-fetched a few years ago, it is a real cause for concern today. Unfortunately, experience shows that banks sometimes do more than just “store” their customers’ money! Particularly in times of crisis, as we are experiencing it now, the specter of a bank run resurfaces. As has happened in the past, banks do not hesitate to bail out directly (or indirectly) at the expense of their customers.

However, Bitcoin works on the same principle as the money hidden under your grandmother’s mattress! Indeed, Bitcoin is the only one to provide insurance for your savings. With bitcoin, the money is yours and no one can come and take it. Enough to make Bitcoin the currency of the future, right?

Bitcoin, banking uberization

It seems that the days of the omnipotence of the banks are now over. Indeed, more and more people are dissatisfied with the banking system and the services offered. Expensive, slow, unsuitable for new lifestyles, banking services do not have a good press.

Bitcoin intends to take advantage of this situation and turn the table around! Bitcoin has the immense advantage of operating on a decentralized system. In other words, you are the only master on board. You don’t have to report to a banker, let alone the disproportionate fees to pay for your transactions. Bitcoin appears to be the banking solution that meets the ever-growing need for uberisation. Buying bitcoins, therefore, allows you to regain control of your money.

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Bitcoin, an anti-crisis safe haven

Crises like COVID-19 are a reminder of how fragile the economy and financial markets are. So in March 2019, at the real onset of the crisis, the stock markets fell. Many values ​​have still not recovered. No doubt the looming financial crisis will not help.

In this context, investing in cryptocurrency makes perfect sense. Why? The price of Bitcoin, like most cryptos, is only influenced by the law of supply and demand. Not being regulated or monitored, Bitcoin is immune to the risk of inflation, which is inevitable in times of economic crisis. Buying bitcoins (and more generally investing in cryptocurrencies) therefore allows you to put your money aside in a safe way.

Bitcoin, a currency adapted to new technologies

The development of Bitcoin is backed up by that of blockchain technology. This new tool offers unique possibilities in terms of operability and security. The blockchain is what allows cryptocurrency to free itself from any regulatory entity.

Given its many strengths, blockchain finds applications in all areas such as banking, insurance, peer-to-peer exchange applications, etc. The future is on blockchain!

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Bitcoin facing the disappearance of cash

Cash has lived and is inevitably approaching its clinical death! In recent years, its use has been seriously restricted. It’s a safe bet that its use will soon be obsolete. The current health crisis should also accelerate the process because cash is considered a potential vector of contamination.

And there is a good chance that the big winner in this situation is Bitcoin! Without cash, it is often difficult to carry out small transactions with a bank card. In addition, cash was also used to complete a transaction anonymously. Bitcoin perfectly meets these requirements. It is therefore a safe bet that the followers – still numerous – of cash will convert to Bitcoin.

Crypto is the currency of the future! In the starting blocks for years, Bitcoin is now seen as the currency of the future. Buying Bitcoin now can help you anticipate the big financial changes to come.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute investment advice or trading instructions in any way.

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